What is COGPS?

Upcoming Training Group:

Exploring Enactments in the Immediacy of Group Process
With Dr. Elizabeth Olson PsyD, LCSW, CGP

About the Workshop:
Through a dynamic group process, we will explore the ways that our historical, familiar interpersonal patterns arise in the moment. The immediacy of group engenders old feelings, thoughts and projections that play out in the multiple transferential relationships recreated by the process. These rich transferential experiences allow for a working through of the old and the hope for change–for something new to occur in relationship with others. The progressive working through that occurs in group translates into meaningful, real change in one’s life.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Elizabeth Olson specializes in working through repetitive, character patterns that limit one’s ability to cope effectively in family systems, intimate partnerships, work, and other interpersonal relationships. Dr. Olson enjoys working relationally with clients over time to assist them in feeling happier and healthier. She is interested in collaborating with clients to understand and work through the unconscious elements that interfere with their ability to enjoy their lives and to help them become more comfortable and conscious.

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FCGPS Sponsored Event:

Entering The Early Unknown: Sensing When To Speak & When To Be Silent
With Angelo Ciliberti, LPC, LAC, CGP & Jordan Price, LCSW, CGP

Learning Objectives

  • Identify primary psycho-developmental stations of early life as understood by affect regulation theory and varying complementary psychoanalytic theories.
  • Learn the maturational needs of these developmental periods and how psychotherapist & group leaders can use themselves and the group to address them.
  • Examine how a psychotherapist & group leaders can use their full range of experiences, including physiological, emotional, sensory, and cognitive to understand where a group and its members may be functioning developmentally at a given moment.
  • Identify and develop techniques for individual & group interventions at different developmental stations of early life.

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COGPS Scholarship to AGPA Connect 2018

Must be student in counseling or related field or new professional (no more than 3 years post graduation)
Must have completed 3 projects as a COGPS Apprentice
Must have attended AGPA’s Annual Meeting fewer than 3 times

Applications are due by February 7th. COGPS may subsequently reach out to you for further information.

Submission of an application does not guarantee a scholarship. We have many applicants and limited funds. However, if you are not awarded a scholarship, there are other ways that COGPS can support your growth and development as a group leader.

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Best of luck!

Marketing Contracts

We have developed two different Marketing Contracts for COGPS Members:

1. Advertising – pay us $30 for three postings and a flyer designed by our marketing team
2. Sponsorship – Be available for COGPS marketing efforts – podcast, commercials, testimonials, networking etc.

Marketing with COGPS will help you to get the exposure you need to fill a psychotherapy group or workshop. We’ll send out your ad to our email list, our facebook page, and twitter profile, that’s a reach of over 10,000 views!!

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