2014 Saturday – Group Faculty

Saturday November 2

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Mike harris

Mike Harris


Mike Harris is a graduate of Naropa’s Contemplative Psychotherapy Program. He holds Professional and Addiction Counselor Licenses in Colorado as well as the Certified Group Psychotherapist credential. He has been conducting groups in various settings since 2002. Mike is President and Clinical Director of Crest Counseling Services and conducts four psychotherapy groups within his agency in Salida, CO. Learn more about Mike at www.mikeharrislpc.com or contact him by email at [email protected] He is seeking to hire a licensed therapist.


THEME: Healing Addiction Through the Power of Groups

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Pat Sablatura photo August 2014 (1)

Pat Sablatura

COGPS 2014 Conference Keynote

Pat Sablatura is Professor and Clinical Coordinator in the Counseling and Family Therapy graduate degree program at Regis University, where she often teaches Group Process. She has a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Pat has designed and facilitated groups in agencies, private practice, and academic settings for many years. She most enjoys leading process groups with an eye to gestalt opportunities, displays of the imagination in images and dreams, and ways of connecting with the natural world.

Imagination is a transformer that converts the
invisible material into images the conscious mind can perceive.
— Robert Johnson, INNER WORK –

THEME:Active imagination and dream work reach into the core of who we are and connect us in love to ourselves. They gift us with a sense of being part of something larger than ourselves. During this process group, we will invite images, listen for their wisdom, and experience our connection with each other, with nature, and with the world.



Group Leadership Institute Faculty



teri cropped 184x184

Teri Dillion


Teri Dillion, MA, LPC, has worked with groups since 2007 in outpatient, wilderness, residential and institutional settings designed to address addiction and/or co-occuring disorders.Her group facilitation experience includes leading CBT,DBT, Seeking Safety, rites-of-passage, psychoeducational, meditation, and relational process groups. Currently Teri leads an ongoing weekly therapy group in her private practice (www.WakingHeartTherapy.com) and plans to start a second group this winter. These private groups are currently open to new clients.

Teri is also a member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, and a board member for the Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society.

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michelle decolaMichelle DeCola


I’ve been honored to lead groups and be a participant in groups, and feel passionate about the benefits of group therapy. Having the safety of a group to learn more about yourself through other’s eyes, is an unparalleled experience for anyone who is open to growing. As we learn how to experience and express our vulnerabilities in group, we have a greater capacity to deepen our relationship with ourselves and others.

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As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc siteMatthew Holloran


Clients join groups for a variety of reasons. As a therapist and consultant I facilitate groups with a warm open heart, deep listening, and skillful interpretations. In group work we co-create transformative and lasting change.

During this process group you are supported and encouraged to speak your truth and ignite your soul’s wisdom. You practice opening to the present moment by putting your thoughts and feelings into words as they arise. Come witness and be of witness. Learn more about who you are, how you relate to others, and explore the power and vitality of group work.

Matthew’s currently serves as a Small Group Process leader in Naropa’s MACP program.

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Brian (1)

Brian Rothberg

MD, COGPS Board Member

I am currently the Associate Practice Director of the University of Colorado Hospital Outpatient Clinic. My clinical and teaching passion is psychotherapy, specifically group psychotherapy, and I coordinate and teach the group didactic sessions, supervise trainees in their groups, and run my own groups. One of the goals of my job is to train psychiatrists to be group therapists in their future practices. I hope through my work in COGPS to create a vibrant local affiliate for both myself and the growing group community in Colorado and surrounding states.


Elizabeth OlsonDr. Elizabeth A Olson

Clinical Social Work/Therapist , PsyD , LCSW
Past COGPS President

This group offers clients the opportunity to develop more effective communication strategies and a deeper understanding of oneself in relationship to others. Through group relationships, members explore their unconscious, habitual patterns that interfere with their ability to connect well with others and practice new, more constructive ways of relating. Professionals experience significant and meaningful changes in their lives outside of group through the shifts that occur in the group.  Learn more



Casey Burnett, MA - COGPS PresidentCasey Burnett


Groups are powerful vehicles for awareness, growth.  Growth that comes from being in real relationship with others.  A place were support, validation, and challenge can all meet at the cross roads of your needs and growing edge.  Having lead various groups for past five years, I continue to wonder at the magic of each moment, whether vulnerable or tense there is something for us all in a group.  Leading with honesty, clarity and vulnerability offer us all an opportunity to try on new parts of ourselves.  In private practice I offer various groups on Abuse+God: for survivors who struggle with their faith and also a Freedom From Shame process group.

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