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Neuroscience & Groups

How Group Structure Reveals the Character
Dr. Elizabeth A Olson, PsyD, LCSW

9-12:15 pm

The experience of participating in group psychotherapy has the potential to positively influence the development of the brain all through life. Engaging in meaningful and genuine interactions with others in group process offers opportunities to change our procedural interpersonal repetitions. Group process exposes us to new understandings of how we are experienced by others and how we experience ourselves. The brain is affected by our repetitive behaviors and by when these patterns are interrupted. Group offers the opportunity to disrupt the destructive interactional styles that interfere with attaching and attuning well with others. The changes that one experiences in group reverberate into our lives and our relationships with others. We will discuss the brain changes that accompany the rich experiences that group offers.

The Matrix of Psychological Flexibility:

A brief group intervention to support self-awareness, acceptance and values-based behavior change.

People come to therapy in order to live more fulfilling and purposeful lives. One paradox the clinician runs into is that, more often than not, the client’s belief that “there’s something seriously wrong with me and I have to fix it” is an impediment to the self-acceptance, compassion and patience that serve as mediating processes for the desired change itself. This group protocol introduces a powerful tool that frames the change process in terms that underscore the centrality of values and acceptance and teaches clients to think in terms of practicing and developing psychological flexibility to address the central issues they would like to improve in their lives.

Brooks Witter, MA, LPC

9-10:45 am


Hosting Accessible Workshops for all (dis) Abilities

Jo’el Roth, MS, CRC
Rehabilitation Counselor
CO Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
10:45 am – 12:15 pm
A Workshop on How to Host Accessible Workshops for all (dis) Abilities

This colorful Power-Point led and interactive group experience has so far been well received by professionals at previous conferences.

In this workshop I cover specific strategies that any group event leader can use in order to host a welcoming workshop for all. Specifics are covered for: individuals who have low vision or are blind, individuals who have low hearing or are deaf; individuals who use wheelchairs for mobility or have amputations, as well as strategies for hosting a comfortable event for those with TBI or PTSD.


Beginning, Middles, & Endings

Clinical Discussion Panel
Teri Dillion, Casey Burnett, et. al.

9-12:15 pm

Teri & Casey will lead discussion from the audience with a series of clinicians.  We’ll explore the entire arch of a group.  From planning, intake interviews and screening, beginnings, middles, endings and termination.  Consider what we area to track and what interventions might be helpful.


Kick Starting Your Practice – 4 Secrets To Grow Your Practice

Presentation by Denise Marshall 

12:00 – 12:15 pm

As you take a look at your online presence, where do you rank on search engines? Are you on the top page, or are you not findable at all? As the Internet becomes more popular all over the world, it is critical for people to find you online. The process of being search engine optimized might seem like a daunting and intimidating task, but what it takes to get there might surprise you! Join Denise Marshall, Business Development Coordinator at TherapySites as she talks about the secrets to a thriving practice. Gain valuable knowledge and discover how with a few steps, you can have the practice you always dreamed of. She will be sharing the most cost effective marketing trends that you can implement easily without draining your time or bank account.


Large Group Process

voicing a collective unconscious 

Francis Kaklauskas, PsyD , CACIII , FAGPA

1:30 – 3:30 pm


  1. Appraise the role of regression in large groups.
  2. Question their own and others’ attitude to group leadership.
  3.  Identify stages of large group development, from chaos/disintegration via dialogue to reflection.


Smart Business Skills for Group Psychotherapists

Establishing Groups in Private Practice

This workshop takes us beyond training as a group therapist and focuses on decisions we need to make so building groups into our practices is manageable, rewarding, and congruent with our larger business goals. The objective of the workshop is to harness what we have learned from our experience thus far in the symposium to better position our practices.

Mike Harris, LPC, CAC III, CGP

3:45 – 4:30 pm

More details to follow