2014 Registration

Space is Limited

There are a limited number of spots available. We have to cap this event based on the space we have. After registration you will receive a confirmation email. As the numbers for the event continue to change we will be taking preference from your group Group Institute Faculty and for Workshops the Monday prior to event. You can stay up to date with current faculty and workshop offerings on this website.

Give More for the Same Rate

Please help COGPS raise more for its mission. You can do it for no addition cost, just some time to write and mail a check. During your online registering process simply select “Show Other Payment Options” located under the ORDER NOW button and COGPS won’t lose money to credit card processing. Thanks!

Institute Preference & Workshop Selections

All registered participants will receive an email one-week prior to event directing you to submit your top-three preferences for institute leaders, and your workshop preferences.  Everyone’s preferences will be considered within the framework the Event Committee’s: minimizing dual-relationships, increase diversity of professional experience within group, maximize variety of academic backgrounds, & filling groups.  Your institute will be assigned to you morning of event.  Some last minute changes may happen.  Please be flexible.