Addiction as Misplaced Desire

Join Mike Harris for his institute: Addiction as Misplaced Desire, at our upcoming COGPS annual conference!

Addiction As Misplaced Desire: What’s that about? I have a notion that people want to feel good, satisfied, full, happy, connected, etc. The list of feelings that we seek goes on and on as well as those we wish to avoid. The trouble is that we’re social beings and to have more of these sought after feelings in our lives might require some degree of relationship prowess– hence group psychotherapy’s value. To get what we want usually requires the risks of dealing with others with the possible result of feeling appreciated, loved, and albeit desired. One way of looking at addiction is that it’s a shortcut to feel what we want to feel without having to deal with the problem of the other. Recovery is often about a return to society and functioning in the world.

Mike Harris, LPC, LAC, CGP has made it his life work to help people recover from extreme states of mind and addictive processes. Developing over the last 15 years, his approach blends sheer tenacity with advanced clinical training. He’s a graduate of Naropa’s MACP program. He has a robust practice in Salida, CO that includes several psychotherapy groups.