Board Members

Marc Azoulay MA, LPC, LAC, CGP

Marc has the perfect combination of charisma, strategic thinking and intensity to lead our organization to a bright new future. He works with clients struggling with addiction, social anxiety and grief. He helps people uncover and destroy the unconscious barriers that cripple them. With his clients he travel through the great expanse of the mind and help them regain their lost power. Marc runs groups using a blend of the Modern Psychoanalytic and Contemplative styles, his group leadership style can best be described as irreverent humor with surprising moments of profound depth. He currently runs groups for clients struggling with substance abuse, DUI-offenders, and supervisees.

Vice President
Angelo Ciliberti MA, LPC, CGP

Combining an interest in mindfulness with modern group analysis, Angelo Ciliberti enjoys leading a variety of group formats with both adolescents and adults. Angelo is most inspired by using the present moment in group process as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our emotional lives and relationships with others. When not practicing psychotherapy, Angelo enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter as well as studying Ashtanga yoga at Boulder’s Yoga Workshop.

Caelen Cann - Secretary
Caelen Cann MA, LAC, LPC

As a graduate from Naropa’s Contemplative Psychotherapy program, Caelen has a strong appreciation for group psychotherapy and the power of group dynamics. Since completing her Master’s, Caelen has jumped with both feet into the world of counseling, working in intensive inpatient, residential and outpatient settings. Groups have been an important part of the work that she does, having lead a variety of relapse prevention groups (mindfulness-based and CBT), as well as DBT and Seeking Safety. Now in private practice, she is excited to continue working with group psychotherapy and is thrilled to be a part of the Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society. Outside of counseling, Caelen is active in the Crossfit community and is an avid outdoor enthusiast spending her free time backpacking, climbing and cycling with her husband.

Casey Burnett - Treasurer
Casey Burnett, MA, LPC

Casey is a graduate of Naropa University’s Contemplative Psychotherapy program.  He has worked in residential treatment and lead groups in various settings.  His primary group work is currently with the WINGS Foundation.  Casey is leading weekly groups for adult men who were sexually abused as children. Casey is invested in supporting your empowerment and renewal in the present moment.  Whether with friends, family, co-workers, or one’s self, Casey has built a practice focused on relationships. He works with individuals, children and couples who want or need help finding their way navigating life.

Director of Membership
Josh Rudder, BA, NLC

Josh is an intern year therapist for the Naropa Community Counseling Center, group facilitator with the WINGS foundation, and practices part time with Colorado Center for Clinical Excellence. As a scholarship recipient to the 2017 AGPA convention, Josh became increasingly more interested in various types of group work combined with feedback informed therapy (FIT) in order to track outcomes. He is a second career professional, holds a BA from Limestone College, and will complete his MA in clinical mental health counseling in 2018.

Laura Kitzmiller - Director of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Laura Kitzmiller MA, NLC

Laura holds a Master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University along with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English from the University of Kansas. She has experience working in the substance abuse/addictions field and with various modalities including: DBT, CBT, and MI. She has a passion for holistic wellness and enjoy incorporating creative writing, humor, art, aromatherapy, and meditation in therapy.

Event Coordinator 
Marian Salley MSW, LCSW, ACS, CGP

Marian was as an unlikely convert to a belief in the transformative powers of group therapy until her experience in a two-year-long experiential group training program during her clinical studies. Evolving as a group therapist from that nascent experience, Marian holds process groups, teaches group process, and spreads the wonders of group work. As a group facilitator, Marian seeks to awaken group members’ curiosity about themselves, others, and the world around them such that they may make choices in their lives relative to all those relationships.

326A3252 copyBrian Rothberg - Event Coordinator
Colorado Representative 
Brian Rothberg, MD, CGP

I am currently the Associate Practice Director of the University of Colorado Hospital Outpatient Clinic and I am involved in training psychiatric residents in their outpatient practice. My clinical and teaching passion is psychotherapy, specifically group psychotherapy, and I coordinate and teach the group didactic sessions, supervise trainees in their groups, and run my own groups. One of the goals of my job is to train psychiatrists to be group therapists in their future practices and I hope through my work in COGPS to create a vibrant local affiliate for both myself and the growing group community in Colorado and surrounding states.

Kat Luetkehans - Member at Large
Member at Large
Kat Luetkehans MA, LPC, CACII

Kat has been working with disabled consumers since 2009 in capacities that include, but are not limited to: tutor, behavioral modifier, health and safety manager, chef, family supervisor, psychotherapist, life skills instructor, and caregiver.  She has recently returned to the Boulder area after spending two years in Salida and Buena Vista,CO where she practiced psychotherapy for private patients and criminal justice participants.  She specialized in facilitating groups, of various modalities, for populations that have substance abuse patterns.  Now that Kat is back in Boulder, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, working from home, and representing the members of COGPS at board meetings.

Diversity Coordinator
Karin Bustamante MA, LPC

Raised in a bi-lingual household in a highly multicultural environment, I learned to make use of multiple viewpoints and navigate complex environments. While this ability lent itself to a successful first career as a human resources professional it wasn’t until I reconnected with my own felt experience through the practices of yoga and meditation that I found my calling in a helping profession.  My intention is to allow my life experience and professional goals to help COGPS foster an environment that welcomes differences.

In addition to completing a Masters degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy and fulling the requirements as Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), I have studied, practiced and taught yoga/meditation for over 10 years in the Denver area. I have also trained in the Hakomi Method, a body centered approach to psychotherapy.

Political Liaison
James Abrams MA, LAC, LPCC

Committed to bringing a modern sensibility to the practice of psychotherapy, James uses neurological understanding and the techniques of mindfulness to get to what really matters in his work with groups. James seeks to get group members speaking openly about the motivations for how they interact with each other. By bringing their awareness to the ‘behind the scenes’ that make up the stuck and painful patterns of their day to day life, group members are able to grow into new ways of feeling and behaving. He currently runs a mindfulness-based relapse prevention group, support group for family members of addicts, and a therapeutic dungeons and dragons group for teens.

Student Board Member
Jordan Urban BA, NLC

Jordan graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. Her attendance at the 2015 COGPS and AGPA annual conferences sparked her passion for group psychotherapy. Since then, she has participated as a group member and leader in various settings. Most recently, she has been leading support groups at the Eating Disorder Foundation of Denver. She strongly believes in the transformative and healing potential of group psychotherapy and is excited to continue cultivating her experience in the field as COGPS board member.