COGPS Podcast

In this monthly podcast from the Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society, group leaders from a variety of disciplines and orientations will be interviewed to better understand the influences, inspirations, and experiences that have shaped their approach to group work. Led by our Vice-President Angelo Ciliberti, each month we will be featuring a guest that will shed a new light on group dynamics in order to help you to understand your experience and be more effective with others.

Hello, my name is Angelo Ciliberti, and I am the host of the Group Dynamics Dispatch. In both my personal and professional life, I have been continually moved by the power of Group Process to cut to the core of our interpersonal experience. This has lead me dedicate myself and my career to studying the driving forces behind Group Process’ incredible impact.

I started this podcast to further that exploration. It is my wish that these series of interviews will inform and inspire all of us to think more dynamically and intuitively about our group experiences. Join us as we hear from experienced and innovative group leaders about the inspiration and guiding principles that drive their approach to group work.

Episode I: Marc Azoulay MA, LPC, LAC, CGP
Our first guest is none other than our President Marc Azoulay. He brings an intense and intimate look into his own process with group work, addiction recovery, and mindfulness. He also tells some jokes about the American Group Psychotherapy Association. WARNING: this podcast contains explicit content.

Episode II: Dr. Elizabeth Olson PsyD, LCSW
This month on the Group Dynamics Dispatch we were incredibly fortunate to interview Elizabeth Olson. Drawing from years of experience and broad spectrum of training, Dr. Olson speaks with unique clarity about both the therapeutic process and the singular opportunity group psychotherapy offers for meeting the repetition compulsion head on.

Episode III: Phillip Horner LCSW, CGP
In this month’s episode of the Group Dynamics Dispatch Angelo interviews Phillip Horner. Philip speaks about how to work with white privilege as a group leader and how to be an effective ally. He shares his own personal story and struggles with privilege and presents some tangible ideas and solutions for moving forward.

Episode IV: Gaea Logan MS, LPC, FAGPA
In this month’s episode of the Group Dynamics Dispatch Angelo interviews Gaea Logan . Gaea talks about growing up in a psychologically savvy household, what her personal philosophy is on group dynamics, and how group treatment can serve refugee communities around the world.

Episode V: Dr. Bob Unger  PhD, LCSW, CAC III, CGP
Join us this month on the Group Dynamics Dispatch for a conversation with Bob Unger. Bob tells the story of how went from driving a cab in New York while in school for engineering, to working with some of the most preeminent names in the field of group work. Bob also talks about his personal view on group work and how process groups compare to supervision groups.

Episode VI: Jenna Noah MA LPCC
Join us this month on the Group Dynamics Dispatch for a conversation with Jenna Noah. Jenna tells us how she found her niche in the therapy field while discussing sexuality, embodiment, and Conscious Burlesque.

Episode VII: Sorin Thomas LPC, LAC & Brett Adamek MA, CPT
In this in-depth interview with Sorin Thomas & Brett Adamek from Queer Asterisk, we explore difference of all kinds as something to be celebrated & encouraged rather than feared and rejected. Topics within the interview include what is meant by the word “queer”, the importance of being open to discomfort & ambiguity, the Contemplative dimension of identity, and working with queer-ness as a group leader.

Episode VIII: Dr. Lucy Holmes PhD, LMSW, CGP, Licensed Psychoanalyst
Check out the Group Dynamic Dispatch’s newest episode with Dr. Lucy Holmes, this year’s Keynote Speaker at the COGPS Annual Conference! In this episode, Dr. Holmes and Angelo Ciliberti dive into a series of fascinating discussions; including the story behind her inspiring 40 year career, impressions of the group leader’s gender on the process, and how time & experience change us as clinicians.

Episode IX: Jeff Price MA, LPC, LAC, CGP
In the newest episode of the Group Dynamics Dispatch, Jeff Price shares inspiring insights from his career as a contemplatively minded group psychotherapist. From addressing how he approach resistances in substance abuse groups to the power of AGPA as a professional home affiliation, Jeff offers helpful guidance to new group leaders. Check out this enlivening conversation with the former president of COGPS!

Episode X: Hilary Callan Curtis MA, LMHC
In the newest episode of the Group Dynamics Dispatch, Angelo talks with Hilary Callan Curtis about how her overlapping training experiences in Contemplative Psychotherapy, Modern Analysis, and years of body practice have shaped her as a clinician and an agent of change. In preparation for their upcoming presentation together at the COGPS conference, they also discuss the unconscious drive towards forms of zealotry in clinical practice and how working with the body and groups has the ability to dissolve rigidity.

Episode XI: Dr. Robert Pepper
In the newest episode of The Group Dynamics Dispatch, Angelo talks with Dr. Robert Pepper about his new book ‘Some People Don’t Want What They Say They Want – 100 Unconventional Interventions In Group Therapy.’ This engaging hour is filled with rich stories from Dr. Pepper’s 40 year career as well as exploratory dives into themes of working with ambivalence, aggression, guilt, and the ethical needs of a secure frame for both the leader and the members.