The Defended Zealot: Theoretical Rigidity vs Uncertainty In Professional Identity

Join Hilary Callan Curtis and Angelo Ciliberti for their workshop, “The Defended Zealot: Theoretical Rigidity vs Uncertainty In Professional Identity,” at our upcoming annual conference!

Central to many of our professional identities is the desire to feel competent with our clients and esteemed among our peers. To this end, many of us tend to find a theoretical tribe that provides a feeling of security, clarity of approach, and belonging. This presentation will explore the dilemma of belonging that frequently unfolds both internally within ourselves and externally in our position within peer groups between being a hard-liner and a heretic. Group Process will be used to explore themes of rigidity and flexibility as well as certainty and ambivalence within our professional identities and approaches.

Hilary Callan Curtis, MA, LMHC is a therapist in private practice in Northampton, Massachusetts. She leads ongoing process groups as well as training and supervision groups for clinicians. Hilary is a graduate of Naropa University’s MACP program (2002), and is completing her training at the Center for Group Studies in New York this May.

Angelo A. Ciliberti, MA LPC, CGP is a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder, CO specializing in individual, group, and family therapy. Since graduating from Naropa University’s Contemplative Counseling Program (2007), Angelo has completed advanced trainings in Modern Psychoanalysis and Modern Group Analysis with the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies and the Center For Group Studies in New York City. He is a regular presenter on psychoanalytic psychotherapy and group process at conferences around the country, including the COGPS and AGPA Annual Conferences.