Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT)in Process-Oriented Group Therapy

Don’t miss Jason Seidel’s FIT-Oriented Group Therapy Institute at our upcoming COGPS Annual Conference!

This here-and- now-oriented process group will introduce therapists to the use of Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) in group therapy. FIT addresses clients’ and therapists’ wishes and fears about the group process: Are things really going the way I would hope? Can I find more ways to step into my fear of being real among people who may judge me? Can I risk exposure for the sake of growth? These are questions with which group members and group leader must wrestle. The FIT therapist fosters the group’s willingness to give pointed feedback: exposing the therapist’s mistakes, oversights, or weaknesses for the sake of the group’s growth and the therapist’s growth (as a more effective leader). Beyond the mask of the expert, beyond defensive reflexes, and beyond shame, FIT provides an extra tool for assessing the quality of process and outcome to help members (and therapist) stay open to the difficulties, ruptures, and repairs of group process. The FIT method will be demonstrated and adapted for the day-long group format, providing simple benchmarks of experience to better know and share one’s felt truth about the process as an alternative to the group leader and participants relying on internal hopes, fears, and imaginings.

Jason Seidel, Psy.D. is director of The Colorado Center for Clinical Excellence, a multi-provider practice in Denver and Greenwood Village devoted to feedback-informed therapy and outcomes research. Among clients and colleagues, Jason is known for his open heart, brutal honesty, and quick sense of humor. He specializes in the emotional integration of intolerable feelings and healing the impact of extreme experiences.

Jason and the other therapists at The Colorado Center offer group therapy for adults and adolescents through their program at  For more info, see: