Group as Micro-climate: the possibility of groups as intervention for climate change

Don’t miss Benjamin White’s important and timely workshop about group as micro-climate and climate psychology at our upcoming annual conference!

“We are hampered in our meeting of the environmental crisis by a severe and pervasive apathy, which is based largely on feelings and attitudes of which we are unconscious” -Harold Searles, MD, 1972

It’s taken nearly 45 years for these words to sink in. As we begin to feel the pains of an ailing climate, like a patient who waits until the situation is dire before seeking treatment, the climate change movement is seeking therapy. “At its root, this is a relational dilemma,” says the presenter, Benjamin White. “It’s made of the same stuff as therapy; climate change is a dilemma of relationship; an imperfect union with a being that’s not necessarily here for us, and that might also hurt us.” Join us for a brief overview of Climate Psychology and psychodynamic theories as they relate to climate change integrated with a facilitated group process. Unlock the power of your own unconscious in service of the planet. Benjamin White, LCSW, CGP is a clinician in practice in Lafayette and a founding member of the North American branch of the Climate Psychology Alliance.

He has presented internationally on the psychodynamics of climate change and offers experiential and didactic groups on the subject both in-person and online. Learn more at and