Intro to Group Psychotherapy

Are you just diving in to the world of group therapy and want to gain more hands-on experience leading groups? Don’t miss Dr. Brian Rothberg and Karin Bustamante’s Beginner’s Group at our upcoming annual conference! Learning about group dynamics can be helpful for any setting (ex. work meetings or support groups) by allowing leaders and participants to recognize certain behaviors and target interventions. Running efficient and successful groups can be highly rewarding, and can also feel like an emotional roller coaster, as can happen when talking about race and gender. We want to help participants move into difficult conversations with more thoughtfulness and finesse. We invite participants with little or no experience running groups to join our workshop to begin building an infrastructure to be effective group leaders. We will utilize targeted teaching and structured exercises to highlight concepts illustrated through participant interaction and small group process. Also, the use of fishbowls (running a group with approximately 8 learners with observers in a circle outside of the group) allows learners to take turns either experiencing the concepts or observing from a non-participatory standpoint.

Brian Rothberg, MD completed residency training in psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in 2006. After completing his training, he joined the psychiatry faculty at the University. Currently, he oversees the group program at the UCHealth outpatient psychiatry program and is a CGP through the American Group Psychotherapy Association.

Karin Bustamante, LPC completed her Masters degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University, she uses body centered approaches to psychotherapy in her work helping clients. Karin has also studied, practiced and taught yoga/meditation for over 12 years in the Denver area. Her interest in groups continues to evolve as she pursues a PsyD in Clinical Psychology and teaches a group course at Naropa University.  Currently Karin serves as the chair for the COGPS Diversity Committee.