Jenna Noah, MA, LPCC, PhD (pending)

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Jenna is a Contemplative Psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder working with individuals and groups. She specializes in relationships, sexuality, gender, and female empowerment.  Jenna is the founder of “Conscious Burlesque” in Boulder, Colorado which is an organization focused on using group process and psychodrama to create personal narratives around topics of sexuality for the purposes of self-exploration, uncovering unconscious shadow material and sexual empowerment. Jenna offers a mixed-gendered process group called “Sex Talk” that offers a forum to discuss and process a variety of sexual topics, such as: desire, intimacy, infidelity, jealousy, intensity of eye-contact, timing, and connection to name a few. Jenna is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Existential Psychology and Human Sexuality at Saybrook University.