Large Group Process

Don’t miss your opportunity to dive in and participate in Large Group process with Jeff Price and Elizabeth Wellington at our upcoming annual conference!

We are all members of groups – from small groups such as families and work teams to large groups such as organizations, communities and society. The Large Group resembles society and allows for exploration of the conscious and unconscious processes within the community, including anxieties, competitions, commonalities and rivalries. The Large Group is often used to address conflicts between multi-cultural groups, hierarchical groups, and many other sub-groups. It provides an important and valuable forum for understanding social interactive processes, interrelationships between social subgroups and an opportunity to explore one’s own social roles. During this workshop you will experience many emotions from isolation to frustration to camaraderie. In the Large Group you will find yourself challenged and pressured by many forces, including those from your inner psyche and those from the social unconscious. You might participate in conflicts and debates between subgroups and work on ways to resolve them. You will struggle to find your voice and explore and enhance your capacity to tolerate frustration and accept differences. Your understanding of yourself as both an individual and as a citizen of the larger community will increase.

Jeffrey M. Price, M.A., LPC, LAC, CGP, FAGPA Jeff has been working in the field since 1990, in New York (1990-1994) and the Boulder area (since 1996). He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Connecticut, and his Master’s degree from Naropa University in 1997. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Addictions Counselor and a Certified Group Psychotherapist. He served as adjunct faculty at Naropa in the MA Contemplative Psychotherapy department, teaching Small Group Process and Large Group Process classes from 2000 to 2016. Jeff is a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, is a former two-term president of the Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society and with his wife is a co-owner of The Center for Courageous Living specializing in work with men and women of all ages who are suffering from addictive behaviors and difficult emotions. He works with individuals, groups, couples and families and offers clinical supervision (individual and group) to therapists and group leaders. Elizabeth Wellington, MA is a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.

A graduate of Naropa’s MACP program, Elizabeth works primarily with adolescents, young adults and families. Elizabeth’s clinical work is psychodynamic in nature, highly relational, contemplative, and attachment-informed. She is constantly inspired and challenged by her adolescent Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups. Elizabeth is currently completely post-graduate studies through the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York City.