Leading Across Cultures: Navigating Biases In Administrative and Clinical Supervision

Join Dr. Tanya Greathouse and Cathy Phelps for their workshop, “Leading Across Cultures: Navigating Biases in Administrative and Clinical Supervision,” at our upcoming annual conference!

Providing transformative leadership and clinical supervision can be a challenging and rewarding exercise that requires a solid administrative knowledge base and excellent clinical awareness with an informed theoretical foundation. When you add the dynamic of having an administrator or clinical supervisor who is from a marginalized social identity into the equation, a myriad of explicit and implicit biases create a web of potential opportunities for impasses to occur. These impasses can be mitigated if the administrator or clinical supervisor is aware and comfortable with their intersectional social identity and is able to bring their full awareness of their identity into the interpersonal relationship while 1) helping the employee or supervisee identify their intersectional social identity 2) gain an awareness of their biases and 3) develop their capacity to engage in challenging conversations around difference.

Dr. Tanya Greathouse is a full-time Lecturer at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and adjunct faculty at Smith College Social for Social Work where she served as the Sotomayor Fellow 2015/2016. She earned her BA in Sociology from University of Colorado Boulder (1978), her Master’s in Social Work from University of Denver (1985) and her Ph.D. in Clinical Social Work from Smith College (1997). Her practice areas include multi-culturally informed trauma work, unipolar and bi-polar disorders, discrimination and identity work. Her research interest areas include: the effect of instructors’ intersectionality on the classroom learning environment, building instructors’ and supervisors’ self-awareness, building multicultural awareness in the supervisory relationship, multicultural organizational development, deconstructing organizational oppression and implicit bias training.

Cathy Phelps, M.A., LCSW is the Executive Director for The Center for Trauma & Resilience (CTR) Denver, Colorado. CTR is 30 -year old nonprofit agency recognized as a national model for providing culturally and linguistically responsive services. Cathy earned her Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Denver and additionally, graduated with her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. Concurrent with her position at The Center for Trauma & Resilience, she teaches for Metropolitan State University.