Marketing Contracts

Watch Our Video on Marketing Contracts

We have developed two different Marketing Contracts for COGPS Members:

1. Advertising – pay us $30 for three postings and a flyer designed by our marketing team
2. Sponsorship – Be available for COGPS marketing efforts – podcast, commercials, testimonials, networking etc.

Marketing with COGPS will help you to get the exposure you need to fill a psychotherapy group or workshop. We’ll send out your ad to our email list, our facebook page, and twitter profile, that’s a reach of over 10,000 views!!

Before we run the ad we’ll need the following

• A short description of the group <250 words
• A Banner Photo – 600×200
• A long Description of the group with the relevant information (purpose, participants, where, when, cost)
• A Facilitator headshot – 800×800
• Facilitator Bio 100-250 Words
• A flier or a Facebook event for us to share
• Any Additional Multimedia for advertising – Video, Audio, Photos